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In short, we develop automated trading systems.

As a result, your computer can buy and sell currencies alone on the foreign exchange market, based on your own strategy. You don't need to stare at your monitor all day. Furthermore you can check the profitability of your trading concepts against historical data in few minutes.

If you are a Forex investor you may know the MetaTrader platform (if not, see our MetaTrader page). MetaTrader allows you to process trading softwares (named Expert Advisors), completely releases you from the routine market watching and the execution of trade operations.

You need only two things to do that: a good trading concept and a good Expert Advisor. Maybe you have some promising trading ideas but you are not familiar with computer coding. We offer our professional skills and experience that would allow you to execute your trading strategies with less effort, just follow these simple steps below.

1. Send Us Your Trading Idea

There are a lot of simple but quite effective trading strategies, like support and resistance breakouts, or crossed moving averages. You may find out more complex systems, based on more indicators, eg. MACD, RSI, Stochastic, CCI, etc. If you would like to use your idea in real, or would like to examine its behavior in historical data, send us your strategy (entry and exit conditions, stop loss and take profit levels, etc.) and we will give you a reasonable price to develop your concept. If you accept our offer, we complete your work, and will send you the ready-made Expert Advisor.

2. Apply Expert Advisor

When you have got the Expert Advisor, it is very important to try out on your demo account first. Generally, every Expert Advisor needs special settings by certain currency pairs and timeframes. We will send you our suggested optimization settings, too.

3. Take Profit

After an extensive and successful demo testing you can apply your Expert Advisor on your real account and you may gain a nice profit! Maybe you have found the Holy Grail, why not?

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